Laser Cutting the Arduino Case

Our first iteration of making an Arduino Box with laser cutting didn’t turn out well. The height and the width were off by a few millimeters┬ábecause of which the Arduino was able to move freely inside the box. The USB hole was perfectly aligned. However, the connector holes were not easily accessible. Below is the […]

Making a case for Arduino Board

This assignment involved designing a case for the Arduino Board. Firstly, we measured the Arduino board using these measurements on FreeCAD. Following were the measurements, (considering some offset to fit the board) Height: 30 mm Width: 60 mm Depth: 80 mm For designing the case, we decided to go with the finger joints. The laser […]

HCI – Doodles

This is the first blog of a series for my HCI course at StonyBrook. The course is taken by Prof. Roy Shilkrot, who was a part of the Fluid Dynamics Team at MIT Media Labs. The first lecture touches on the theory and history of Interaction design. Don Norman’s below video shows that it is […]